Stop/Save Customer Keeper

stop or save customer keeper serviceWith so many companies outsourcing and offshoring to giant, multi-thousand seat call centers, it’s easy to understand how some performance metrics can suffer or get lost in the shuffle. Generally, there are certain… “compromises” that are accepted as the cost of doing business. Usually, these are little things like language barriers, exotic accents, the inability to understand each other or just the huge cultural chasm between the caller and the customer service rep that upper management can work around in order to maximize the balance sheet over the short term.

But, even with these lofty justifications for offshoring, there are still a couple of specializations that should remain in the good ol’ U.S.A. with the highest quality representative trained in the right disciplines. One of those specialties falls under the heading of STOP SAVER or CUSTOMER RETENTION SPECIALIST.

When a customer calls to discontinue service, we make it easy to route that customer to a representative highly trained and well practiced in working with customers to keep them in the fold. We use simple, proven techniques based on psychology and human nature that help the customer seek resolution and remind them of why they became a customer in the first place. After that, it’s usually just comes down to finding out why they called on this particular day and empathetically resolving that specific issue.