Satisfaction Survey/Delivery Verification

satisfaction survey or delivery verificationHave you ever noticed that the finer restaurants require the waitperson to check back after the first bite to ensure everything is satisfactory? Or, have you ever had the front desk call your hotel room right after you check in to make sure your room meets your expectations?

It’s amazing how far a simple phone call can go to make sure your customers are receiving the basic product or service they signed up for. In many cases it’s the difference between winning their enduring loyalty or having a disgruntled former customer.

When you consider the acquisition costs of attaining a new customer, it’s a wonder that we aren’t driving over to their homes or offices personally to check on them. Our Satisfaction Survey (Delivery Verification) service is the next best thing and, in most cases, can be conducted for under a couple of bucks per contact! It’s also a great opportunity for an upsell, payment collect or even a whole new order!

At worst, it’s an opportunity to correct a problem that you didn’t know you had.