Introducing QChief™ - Interactive Voice Response and Call Queue Optimization

QChief Call Center Interactive Voice Response and Call Queue Optimization

Press-One is proud to formally introduce QChief™, our widely used Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution. QChief is in place, handling thousands of calls per day at newspapers all over North America. QChief is the most feature rich, cost-effective interactive voice response unit available. With little to no start-up costs and costs per call as low as 6 cents per, QChief provides serious costs savings along with a host of features that until now, were unavailable without time consuming, costly custom built IVR's.

Here are just a few features of QChief™ Interactive Voice Response Unit:

Flexible Call Routing:

QChief™ IVR function allows the customer to quickly select the reason for their call and be routed via DNIS information to the agent with the best matched skill set – perfect for stop-requests or for customized titles such as TMC products or for identifying specific locations within a market.

Lower Costs By 97%:

QChief™ connects securely to your business system providing immaculate data input and a fast, cost-effective option to speaking with a customer service agent. The costs of QChief™ are as much as 97% lower than the cost of live-agent handled calls!

Virtually Unlimited Line Capacity:

QChief™ VoIP technology provides your organization with virtually unlimited inbound line capacity allowing instant transfer of traditional PSTN calls to your selected customer service call center(s).

Change It On-The-Fly:

QChief™ is an automatically scalable, easy to operate system that allows preauthorized users to manage upfront messaging and change call routing on the fly – a perfect solution for announcing production or weather delays without making the customer file a delivery complaint. Call routing can be used to change call center parsing between redundant call center sites.

Optional SMS Text or Paging:

QChief™ cost-effective option set provides the ability to flag and instantly generate SMS text messages to field personnel cell phones or pagers for certain predetermined transactions such as delivery complaints or redelivery requests.

Optional Robo-Call Campaigns:

QChief™’s messagebomb™ functionality allows users to conduct highly cost-effective robo-call campaigns to verify delivery, re-delivery and new-start verification with the ability to route calls to a live-agent when requested.

Optional Satisfaction Survey:

Agents can transfer calls back to QChief™ to conduct an optional customer satisfaction survey providing important feedback on wait-times, agent quality and overall perception of the customer service process.

QChief™ is intelligent!:

QChief™ knows the hours of operation of your customer service call center. QChief™ knows when your redelivery requests expire.

Easy To Understand Pricing:

QChief™ pricing includes all long-distance charges, taxes and tariffs. There are no maintenance costs or annual fees. Our custom build and technical support fees are the lowest in the industry.

QChief™ Doesn’t Quit!:

QChief™ is a fully redundant system co-located with contingent back-up VoIP connectivity. QChief’s integrated contingencies assure 99.9999% uptime!

Call or email today to find out how much you can save with QChief!