Order Verification

order verificationBack in the day, the closest thing to today’s internet retail experience was probably the Sears Catalog. You could find just about anything in the Sears Catalog – even houses! Yes, you could order a build-your-own-house-kit through the Sears Catalog! Back then, it was easy and secure to shop via mail order as identity theft hadn’t been invented yet.

Today, things are much different. Crooks are finding all kinds of ways to re-route merchandise, credit cards and even cash in to the hands of the wrong person – and they’re doing it all electronically. It happens so frequently and at such great expense, an entire industry has been created to help minimize the losses to business and consumers.

Many businesses are now requiring that an order verification call be placed before the order leaves the warehouse – and it makes total sense. In most cases, a quick verification call costs under $1.00 and can be the deciding factor between an insurance claim, a fraud investigation or a happy customer.

Our order verification service double checks the contents of the order, the payment method and the shipping address. We record and archive all of the calls for everyone’s protection and our agents are trained to always be on the lookout for the tell-tale red flags of a fraudulent order. We can even accept call-backs at all hours of the day so as not to delay shipping.

If your company frequently handles orders for high ticket items or items that are easy to resell, this service should be part of your overall security and fraud protection plan. It’s quick and easy and can even include an up-sell so that this service can pay for itself!