Customer Retention/Relationship Management

customer relationship (or retention) managementMarketing experts remind us that there are certain catalysts that can cause a loyal customer to reevaluate their relationship with a company or product. These catalysts occur regularly but are almost always addressed by the customer before the company has any idea what happened. In the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) world it’s generally considered that a well-timed and occasional “customer touch” can make the difference between “loyal customer” and “disgruntled consumer”.

While we strongly believe that this type of service is best provided under the pretense of a “normal conversation between two people”, we still require our agents to endure some pretty strenuous customer retention training.

So, while your customer thinks they’re having a normal conversation with one of your representatives, we’re actually deploying a DISCOVERY tactic or allowing them to reach SELF RESOLUTION so that they can remember why they became a customer in the first place. It’s brilliant!

In the meantime, you can rest assured that we’re keeping meticulous notes and recording everything to a CRM database (yours or ours) so that next time we talk, we can pick up where we left off and we’ll know just the right thing to say!